Distant Friends

People from all over the world are saying hello. They are living in quarantine or some sort of lockdown. It is because of the new coronavirus.


  • stressed out – very worried or afraid
  • overwhelmed – feeling like you are not in control
  • isolated – separate from others; all alone
  • powerless – without any power (to do something, to change something)
  • anxious – afraid or nervous
  • hopeful – full of hope
  • resilient – strong
  • determined – strong and certain



  1. The video shows people from more than 30 countries.
    Name 3 or more countries or cities that you hear.
  2. Name 3 or more words people use to express bad feelings.
  3. Name 3 or more words people use to express good feelings.


Speaking assignment

Use the following script.
Fill in the blanks with your information:

Hello, I’m … / Hello, my name is …

I’m from ….

I feel ….

I also feel ….

I hope ….

[say goodbye]

Speak your text.
Make a video of it.


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