Singing Along

Jack Buchanan lives in New Zealand. In New Zealand people also have to stay at home because of the new coronavirus. Jack found a way to make this more fun.



  • stuck in the house – in a situation where you have to stay in your house
  • sanity – the condition of having a healthy mind
  • to feel the groove – to feel the nice rhythm of the music
  • to take a chance – to just start doing something, even if you do not know if it will be good or bad
  • to be all about something – to be very focussed on just this one thing
  • to get on someone’s nerves – to make someone really angry
  • to get along – to like each other and be nice to each other
  • fridge – short for refrigerator: a box or cupboard in which food and drinks are kept cool
  • stocked – filled with food, drinks, etc.
  • freestyle —a style of improvisation, like a rap song



  1. For how long will Jack and his family be stuck in the house?
  2. Listen carefully to 1:15′ and complete the sentence:
    Because we can’t get on each other’s nerves if …
  3. Name at least 3 things the Buchanan family tell us to do. (Listen carefully from 2:07′.)


Freestyle assignment

  1. Write your own lockdown song. For example, take an existing song and change the lyrics. Find inspiration on YouTube: search “song parody”, “quarantine song”, etc. Or check out this family’s video.
  2. Have fun!



WK 16 Luisteren – Singing Along – antwoorden